SVU, Episode 2.10
Production number: E1419
First aired: 19 January 2001
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Alex Cabot Consent
Written By
Jeff Eckerle

Directed By
James Quinn


Benson and Stabler investigate the case of a young college girl, Kelly D'Leah who was raped, but can't remember anything about the incident. It is soon discovered that Kelly was drugged with GHB, leaving the detectives with many suspects and accomplices.


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Want some syrup with those flapjacks there, slappy?

–John Munch helps the homeless.

Harry: You sons of bitches. You said I wouldn't have to take a needle.
Munch: Yeah, well, we lied.

Kelly D'Leah: I never took those pills the doctor gave me. God, what if I'm pregnant?
Olivia Benson: I'm probably not the best person to ask.

Only one reason to give someone the date-rape drug.

–Donald Cragen

A lapdance is a pretty strong signal.

–Odafin Tutuola

Background information and notes

  • The drug used in this episode, GHB, is also used in the Law & Order episode "Fools For Love". In that episode one of the victim's deaths is attributed to choking on vomit from a GHB overdose administered by her rapist/killer.
  • The school used while talking to the victim's friend was Herbert H. Lehman College. The staircase is located in the Speech/Music building.

Episode scene cards

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Hanford University
Delta Kappa Delta
Sorority House
Monday, January 8

Kollege Keg Bar
1718 Amsterdam Avenue
Tuesday, January 9

Office of
Dean of Students
Geraldine Richter
Tuesday, January 9

1 2 3

Hanford University
Organic Chemistry Lab
Thursday, January 11

Grand Jury Room
Friday, January 19

Grand Jury Room
Friday, January 19

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