Constantin Volsky
Constantin Volsky (2)
Name Constantin Volsky
Affiliation Russian Mafiya
Pathology Proxy murderer
Money launderer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Olek Krupa
First Appearance Refuge (1)
Last Appearance Refuge (2)

Constantin Volsky was the head of a Russian mafiya group. He and his men were prime suspects in three murders in New York City and money laundering.

Although a mistrial was declared during the first trial in the murder of fellow mobster Vasily Chuikov, Volsky and his men sent Colombian mobster Omar Panella to shoot a ten-year-old eyewitness, his mother, and Assistant District Attorney Toni Ricci in their apartment. The eyewitness survived, but his mother and Ricci died. The mob later planted a bomb in a police precinct, which was disarmed before it could be blown up, and had threatened several other witnesses.

After the trial of bank president Carlton Radford, Volsky and his entire group were convicted of all charges against them and were sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in maximum security.

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