L&O, Episode 3.10
Production number: 68014
First aired: 9 December 1992
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Written By
Matt Kiene & Joe Reinkemeyer

Directed By
James Hayman

The death of a pregnant drug mule leads to the discovery of a Nigerian heroin smuggling ring.


A 20-year-old Nigerian woman, Kelani Amoda, dies after one of the 60 condoms filled with heroin she had swallowed ruptures in her stomach. Her unborn child also dies from the overdose.

Kelani was married to Babatunde Amoda. He had no idea she was coming to America, and was especially ignorant to any drug involvement.

Kelani's immigration was sponsored by Ola-Gim-Ju Nwaka, a Nigerian tribal chief living in New York. She had employment arranged at Nigerian Petroleum Distribution in Brooklyn, a company run by Phillip Marietta. 

A janitor, Fabian Ayinde, tells Briscoe and Logan that every few months Marietta would order back to Nigeria "hire" smugglers with the promise of a job in America. Marietta is arrested for drug smuggling.

Logan and Briscoe investigate a hotel room where Fabian would frequently pick up the drugs from the smugglers. They also find the prints of Michael Kano, Nwaka's limo driver. 

Nwaka is arrested for aiding a drug smuggler. His lawyer states that he has diplomatic immunity. Schiff, Stone and Robinette meet with Sir Idris Balewa, Legal Attaché for the Nigerian Embassy. Balewa agrees to help them gather evidence against Nwaka as he is an embarrassment to their home country.

Marietta bails Ayinde out of jail and immediately has him deported back to Nigeria, where he supposedly has been executed for drug smuggling. Stone threatens to have Kano deported back to Nigeria unless he agrees to testify. Stone indicts Marietta and Nwaka. 

Babatunde receives an extremely delayed letter sent by his wife before she flew into America. In the letter, she describes how Nwaka made all the arrangements for her to fly to America. All she needed to do was follow the instructions of Ayinde. The letter is enough to tie Nwaka to Ayinde. 

Balewa assists Nwaka in fleeing back to Nigeria. Balewa only pretended to assist Stone so he could gather damning evidence against Nwaka for another trial back home. Balewa guarantees that the punishment will be more severe in Nigeria than America.


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Nwaka thought nothing about purchasing people's lives. He should be made to pay with his own.

–Sir Idris Balewa

Lennie Briscoe: Right around the corner from here is the first place I ever saw Mose Allison.
Mike Logan: Who?
Lennie Briscoe: I keep forgetting when you were born.

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48 East 44th Street
Wednesday, October 28

Nigerian Petroleum
323 Conover Street
Thursday, October 29

Bank of Nigeria
1092 Avenue of
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Tuesday, November 10

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Apartment of
Babatunde Amoda
501 West 118th Street
Thursday, December 2

Supreme Court
Trial Part 71
Monday, January 11

Supreme Court
Trial Part 71
Thursday, January 14


Supreme Court
Trial Part 71
Tuesday, January 19

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