SVU, Episode 1.19
Production number: E0921
First aired: 28 April 2000
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Written By
Wendy West & Robert Palm

Directed By
Michael Zinberg

The detectives try to catch a rapist who strikes on the city subways.


After seven young women in a six-month time span are raped by a flash-and-dash assailant on the city subways, the brass calls in a psychologist to help the team get into the head of the perp. When he is caught, he possesses the driver's license of a new victim who could put him away, Sidra Lonstein. Jeffries decides to keep a very close eye on the man they believe is guilty of the crimes until the others can talk to her.

After Munch and Stabler locate her and return her license, they bring her to the office and ask questions. Jeffries and Munch arrest Sal Avelino and bring him in the office Sidra is in. When Avelino sees her, he admits to the crime and promises when he gets out, he and Sidra will live together as a family.


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Nick Ganzner: You close your eyes ... is that it ... to have sex?
Olivia Benson: I have sex with my eyes wide open.

Nick Ganzner: Let's pretend.
Olivia Benson: [smiles] Pretend what?
Nick Ganzner: I'm the guy on the subway.
Olivia Benson: Ok, stop it.
Nick Ganzner: Just for fun
Olivia: No, really. Stop it.
Nick: What would you do?
Olivia: Oh my God, Wow... [pulls away from him] I'm going to go wash my face and my hands and my mouth and, uh, there's the door. [backs into the bathroom] Make sure you're out when I get out of here. Gone. [closes bathroom door]

Olivia Benson: Nice article, Nicky.
Nick Ganzner: Olivia. I was just gonna call you.
Olivia Benson: Of course you were. Right after I got reamed by my boss for letting you read a confidential police transcript.

Nick Ganzner: Okay, you didn't let me read it. I dug it up on my own.
Olivia Benson: Oh, I know you did. Reporter's instinct. Only one problem, see my captain won't care about details. It looks like I screwed up.

Nick Ganzner: You're being too hard on yourself.
Olivia Benson: Why don't you save it? Really.

(Olivia tosses a pile of papers onto Ganzner's desk)
Nick Ganzner: What's this?
Olivia Benson: Read it. It's a cold case. You want a good story, you should check that out.

Nick Ganzner: Philip Sternhagen, convicted of a strangulation torture. Who the hell is this?
Olivia Benson: A man with a rich fantasy life, who couldn't stop. A man who uses women without the slightest twinge of regret.
Nick Ganzner: OK. OK.
Olivia Benson: A man like you, Ganzner. A man like you.

Don Cragen: You want to be number one, Sal?

Sal Avellino: Yeah.

Don Cragen: What is that your lucky number?

Sal Avellino: As a matter of fact, it is.

Don Cragen: Okay. Number one it is. Good luck.

(the police suspect that Sidra was impregnated by her rapist)
Elliot Stabler: When my wife got pregnant for the first time, I thought a pregnancy lasted nine months, but it can feel like ten, depending on the time of conception...
Sidra Lonstein: (cheerfully) It's always a mystery.

Dr. Audrey Jackson: He feels guilty about something.
Don Cragen: Maybe he's Catholic. He'd feel guilty about everything.

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Arnold & Schreiber C.P.A.
11 Astor Place
Tuesday, April 4

59th Street-Columbus Circle
Subway Station
Wednesday, April 5

126 East 38th Street
Wednesday, April 5

Delancey Street
Subway Station
Thursday, April 6

Supreme Court
Trial Part 80
Friday, April 7

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