Conti (Borough President)
Name Conti (first name unknown)
Affiliation Masucci Crime Family
Carnegie Collections
Occupation Manhattan Borough President
Pathology Conspirator
Proxy murderer
Murder facilitator
Status Awaiting appeal
Actor Dick Latessa
First Appearance "Everybody's Favorite Bagman"

Conti (first name unknown) was the Borough President of Manhattan and a conspirator in the Carnegie Collections kickback scheme.


Conti was involved, along with Councilman Charles Halsey and a few other city officials, in a kickback scheme in which the group received bribes in the form of shareholdings from a company named Carnegie Collections, in exchange for maintaining its municipal contract for collecting overdue parking fines. The company was actually a front for the Masucci Crime Family.

Since Halsey was to be inquired by a federal grand jury, he and his accomplices, fearing of being exposed, decided to pay a mob hitman named Anthony Scalisi to murder him and make it look like a mugging gone wrong. Halsey survived the attack, though he was left in critical condition. Conti was present at the hospital, along with Halsey's wife Alice, when Detectives Greevey and Logan interrogated them both about the attempted murder. Eventually, Halsey died, prompting Scalisi to struck a deal with the prosecution in which he helped them obtain evidence against Conti and the others. He was subsequently arrested, tried, and freed while his conviction was to be appealed. (L&O: "Everybody's Favorite Bagman")

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