Cora Kennison
Name Cora Kennison
Family Virginia Kennison (mother)
Mike Jergens (husband)
Status Deceased
Actor Tina Holmes
First Appearance "Starved"

Cora Kennison was the bulimic girlfriend (and later wife) of Dr. Mike Jergens, who was accused and later imprisoned for raping women that he met during speed dating.


Jergens later married Cora so Cora would not testify against him, but she still testified. Afterwards, Cora ended up binge-drinking, which made her end up in a vegetative state with no chance of recovery. While her mother Virginia wanted to keep Cora on life support, Jergens wanted her off of it in order to collect her life insurance and use it to cover his legal fees.

In the end, Jergens was allowed to take Cora off life support and she passed away. Dr. Melinda Warner told Virginia the results of Cora's autopsy, which proved that Cora's condition was irreversible and there was no chance of Cora ever recovering. Detective Olivia Benson was also able to confirm that Jergens was telling the truth when he said that Cora told him she did not want to live in such a state, giving her mother some peace of mind. (SVU: "Starved")

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