"Corner Office"
L&O, Episode 17.10
Production number: 17010
First aired: 8 December 2006
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Attorney Tepper
Written By
Rick Eid & Richard Sweren

Directed By
Joan Stein


After corporate attorney Charles Dillon is discovered dead in a hotel room, Green and Cassady investigate and learn that the company he was working for is in the process of being indicted. Their investigation leads them to a high-priced callgirl, Julia Veloso, who turns out to have been romantically involved with the company's CEO, Samantha Weaver. McCoy and Rubirosa find themselves at odds as Rubirosa wonders if McCoy's prosecution of Weaver has more to do with her gender than her guilt.


Main cast

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A hooker's fingerprint in a man's bedroom is not a smoking gun.

–Arthur Branch

If you spy on your company and get caught, consent is implicit.

–Jack McCoy

Samantha Weaver: You think I am guilty because I am a woman with power.
Jack McCoy: No, I think you are guilty for the same reason you bugged your corporate headquarters - you're a person with power who couldn't bear to lose it.

Jack McCoy: Ask me how I sleep at night.
Connie Rubirosa: How do you sleep at night?
Jack McCoy: Like a baby.

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Episode scene cards

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Offices of
91 Nassau Street
Wednesday, October 12

Zoom Ad Agency
389 Madison Avenue
Friday, October 14

Home of
Julia Veloso
128 Park Avenue
Friday, October 14

Ucello Piccolo Boutique
548 Fifth Avenue
Friday, October 14

5 6 7 8

Rikers Island
Correctional Facility
Rose M. Singer Center
Tuesday, October 25

Kee Investment Bank
25 Pearl Street
Monday, November 14

Chambers of
Judge Everett Mason
Thursday, November 17

Criminal Courts
Monday, November 28

9 10 11

Supreme Court
Trial Part 67
Tuesday, December 13

Supreme Court
Trial Part 67
Wednesday, December 14

Supreme Court
Trial Part 67
Wednesday, December 14

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