Law and Order
Law and Order
L&O, Episode 7.05
Production number: K1101
First aired: 30 October 1996
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Teleplay By
Gardner Stern

Story By
René Balcer & Gardner Stern

Directed By
Matthew Penn


While on a stakeout, a detective with ties to Lennie Briscoe's past kills a suspected drug dealer, but Rey Curtis refuses to testify that he saw the deceased reach for a gun. The fallout results in a commission on police corruption, of which the detective who shot the dealer is a key witness, investigating Briscoe as a possible corrupt cop and Jack McCoy is forced to find irrefutable evidence against the crooked cop as a perjurer to save Briscoe's job.


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John Flynn: I was just telling the fellas, a situation like this, what we strive for is uniform recollection of events. The rat squad wants to hear the same words coming out of everybody's mouth, right, Lennie?
Lennie Briscoe: Well, we don't want to confuse them.
Give me another club soda. And put it in a dirty glass.

–Lennie Briscoe at a bar

Woman: You like Salsa?
Rey Curtis: I'm more of a Cumbia man.
Woman: I'd like to see that
Rey Curtis: Well, I'll bring my wife next time. We'll give you a demonstration.
Woman: You're married. That's too bad.
Rey Curtis: And I'm a cop.
Woman: That's really too bad.
You know, you're turning into one of these conspiracy nuts. You ought to meet my cousin, he still thinks NASA faked the Moon landing.

–Briscoe to Curtis

Jamie Ross: Making an example of Flynn isn't worth losing Garcia.
Jack McCoy: You call it making an example, I call it putting a corrupt cop who committed murder behind bars. Let me tell you something Jamie, when people stop trusting the police, we're back in the trees.
Jamie Ross: For a lot of people, we're already there, Jack!
If you don't take her out of there right now, I'll kick your ass from here to Hoboken.

–Lennie Briscoe tells McCoy to remove Abrahms from the Committee room

You want to talk about something else? Good. Talk to me, Lennie. You want to talk about the ponies?

–John Flynn last words as he commits suicide

Background information and notes[]

  • This episode is based on the 1967 through 1972 thefts of heroin from the Department Property Clerk's office of the New York City Police Department. Over the course of five years, over $70 million in heroin and cocaine were stolen from evidence, with the thieves using a variant of ID's, all based on Detective Joseph Nunziata's information. Nunziata was found dead before the investigation could be concluded, and it could never be ascertained whether or not he was connected to the thefts.
  • This episode was later adapted into the Law & Order: UK episode: "Honour Bound".

Episode scene cards[]

1 2 3

Janda Apartments
131 East 56th Street
Wednesday, August 7

Law Office of
Milton Corboy
445 West 84th Street
Tuesday, August 13

Drake Tower
253 West 73rd Street
Thursday, August 15

4 5 6

Home of
Marilyn Manning
78 East 56th Street
Friday, August 23

Hellman Commission
Monday, September 2

Gaviola, Kassuba & Riess
332 West 45th Street
Thursday, September 5

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