Law and Order
SVU, Episode 3.14
Production number: E2313
First aired: 25 January 2002
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Written By
Amanda Green

Directed By
Arthur W. Forney


A woman's body is found near her car after she was raped. Detectives Benson and Tutuola are paired to discover what the motive was, as well as why was her car's trunk full of forged drugs.


A woman, Paula Grace, is found dead under a bridge with fake cancer drugs in her car trunk. Investigating the detectives believe that it was part of a plan by a drug company to defraud its competitor. Not long after, a woman named Francesca is raped and she claims it was a cop who did it. Tire prints at the scene match the ones from the murder scene and Fin and Benson investigate a cop named Marcosi who had a prostitute he had a relationship with mysteriously disappear who worked a beat in the area but didn't log in any jobs at the time, having left one he claimed he was on long before he supposedly did. Marcosi claims she's in rehab and during his interrogation a third victim from six weeks before comes forward. Marcosi confesses to having sex with a prostitute at the time of the rape and witnessing what he believed to be his boss arriving, but denies the rape and murder. Marcosi is cleared when Francesca is arrested by a cop that she identifies as her rapist while Marcosi is in custody.

Benson comes up with the theory that this is not actually a cop but an impersonator. Investigating the mailing list of a cop store that sells to people who aren't police, they get a list of suspects before Marcosi, who initially refused to help, shows up with more information: he didn't actually see his boss get out of the car and took down a partial license plate that doesn't match his car but a search through the DMV records shows only matches a car of the type belonging to Jeffery Trapani who, under an alias, bought things from the store including a red dashboard light. Investigating his apartment, the police find blood on the bed presumably from Francesca. Benson and Fin follow Trapani from his work-release program to a bar where they pretend the cops are close to figuring out who did it and Francisca's fate determines his sentence. Trapani immediately goes to Francesca to rape and kill her but Fin and Benson follow him and catch him in the act. Above the bed Francesca was handcuffed to are the licenses of all of his victims which he took as trophies, around a dozen, which identify all of Trapani's victims of sexual misconduct. Benson cuffs Trapani, who claims she is hurting him but she says that is the least of his problems and Fin helps Francesca.


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"Alright, nice dress."
"Yeah, it was a nice date. Where's Munch?"
"He banged in sick."
"He's such a hypochondriac. How many times has he had anthrax this week?"

- Odafin Tutuola and Olivia Benson

"Burning the midnight oil."
"Just like you asked."
"Nice dress."
"Don't start."

- Donald Cragen, Odafin Tutuola and Olivia Benson

"These cases have too much in common. Same area, same time of night..."
"Paula Grace was front page news. There's enough details for Franscesca to fake hers."
"There is no way that she could have faked being that traumatized. I'm telling you Captain, this woman was raped."
"I just don't want to send the rat squad on some witch hunt and screw some innocent cop."
"Neither do I."
"Could have been anybody in a uniform, didn't have to be a real cop."
"Doesn't matter. This woman is a rape victim until we prove otherwise."

- Olivia Benson and Odafin Tutuola

"You wasted your time fingering me."
"You're right. So hate us, don't let her die."

- Officer Marcosi and Olivia Benson

"You know if this goes south, we're both back in uniform."
"And if we don't try Franscesca's dead."
"You don't know someone till you work with 'em."

- Odafin Tutuola and Olivia Benson

"Were you a car thief in a former life?"
"No, baby. A boy scout. Always prepared."

- Olivia Benson and Odafin Tutuola

"When are you going to tell me how you really got hurt?"
"Why should I give that up, when you never even once mentioned that you have offspring?"
"My son? What, Olivia told you that?"
"I bare my soul to you and you can't even share that there's a little Tutuola running around."
"He's not little, he's 18."

- Odafin Tutuola and John Munch

"You just soft-pawed them."
"I don't wanna blow two good cops."
"You sound more like their union rep."
"Who's side are you on?"
"The victims, where we're supposed to be."
"What about the truth. Your victims definately not telling that."
"We just had a chance, and you blew it. Now it's IAB's call."

- Olivia Benson and Odafin Tutuola

(Munch walks in on crutches) "I can't wait to hear this."
"Your sympathy is overwhelming."
"What happened to you?"
"Skydiving, hard landing."
"He wiped out riding his friend's Harley."
"Now the only thing he'll be riding is a desk."

- Odafin Tutuola, John Munch, Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler, and Donald Cragen

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Quantum Pharmaceuticals
Westchester County
Tuesday, January 15

Apartment of Paula Grace
488 East 58th Street
Tuesday, January 15

Lucio's Restaurant
387 West 44th Street
Wednesday, January 16

Dave's Coffee Shop
65 Canal Street
Wednesday, January 16

5 6 7

West 18th Street
& Tenth Avenue
Thursday, January 17

22nd Precinct
Locker Room
Friday, January 18

O'Keefe's Uniforms
1720 Third Avenue
Friday, January 18

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