Courtney Lane
Name Courtney Lane
Occupation Student
Pathology Murderer
Family Chris Lane (father)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Lili Reinhart
First Appearance "Lost Traveler"

Courtney Lane was a fourteen-year-old sociopath who, along with her best friend Emma Butler, followed a young Romani boy, Nico Gray, after school and took him to a construction site.


There, they attacked him but Courtney took a lit cigarette and burned Nico on his chest, arms, even his scrotum, terrifying him and hurting him so much he wet himself. When he told them he was going to tell his mother, Courtney took his scarf and strangled him to death.

Courtney and Emma took his lucky rabbit's foot and went to a mentally handicapped man named Marc Rajic and gave him a handjob and the rabbit's foot, telling him not to tell anyone and they would give him more handjobs in the future.

The detectives figured out Courtney and Emma were the ones responsible and Emma confessed to what Courtney did. When Courtney noticed them taking Emma away in cuffs, she called her a "stupid little bitch" and admitted what she'd done. When Olivia Benson asked her why she did it, Courtney replied, "Why not?" (SVU: "Lost Traveler")

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