"Cradle to Grave"
L&O, Episode 2.18
Production number: 67424
First aired: 31 March 1992
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Robinette Cradle to Grave
Written By
Robert Nathan & Sally Nemeth

Directed By
James Frawley

A baby is found frozen to death in a hospital emergency room.


A baby is found frozen to death in a hospital emergency room.


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"Sir, please explain the facts of life to your client."
"What? The birds, the bees, the penal code?"

- Benjamin Stone and Attorney

"Thanks for your vote of confidence."
"I never said 'don't try'."

- Benjamin Stone and Adam Schiff

"He has some problems with his English."
"The problem is that he's alive."

- Mike Logan and Former Tenant

"I've always liked graveyards."
"Let me guess; a nice, quiet place where you can contemplate your insignificance?"
"No... every spring when I was a boy my mother would take us out to my grandfather's and grandmother's grave. It's an old world thing. She'd plant for flowers, say some prayers ... then we'd spread a blanket and have a nice picnic."
"A picnic on your grandparents' grave?"
"Well, yeah, were we going to picnic on the graves of someone else's grandparents?"

- Phil Cerreta and Mike Logan

"You can't keep a kid clean and dress him in clean clothes if you don't have a home."
"There's no sign of exposure, he must have been covered. What's a kid like that doing out in the cold?"
"What's any kid doing out in the cold?"

- Phil Cerreta and E.R. Resident

"It's entrapment. You offered a bribe."
"You can lead a horse to water, you can't make him steal it."

- Boxer's Lawyer and Paul Robinette

"The building's half-empty, the place is a wreck, the landlady wants to renovate. You get a message from that?"
"The message I get is that the landlord would be thrilled if her tenants left."
"And maybe the heat was off accidentally on purpose."

- Mike Logan and Phil Cerreta

"I don't believe this. A baby dies in one of your buildings, and you blame the rent laws?"
"For destroying the value of my property, yeah."

- Mike Logan and Former Tenant

-"I put a chair against my door, middle of the night ,boom- the doors down and that creep Turner, he's in my living room".

- "Now is he angry with the whole world, or is it just you?"

- "C'mon that guy's a tenant like I'm the Queen of England. I never saw him at night, what like he's sleeping somewhere else."

- Benjamin Stone and Iris Corman

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Corman Equities
1013 1st Avenue
Thursday, January 24

Apartment of Charlayne Ward
4150 Vernon Boulevard
Monday, January 28

Central Booking
Thursday, February 7

Supreme Court
Trial Part 67
Tuesday, April 9

Construction Site
819 East 8th Street Thursday, April 25

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