Craig Fulton
Name Craig Fulton
Occupation Restaurant owner
Pathology Rapist
Domestic abuser
Family Jennifer Fulton (wife)
Joshua Fulton (brother)
Unborn child (fathered with Jennifer Fulton)
Status Unknown
Actor Rick Aiello
First Appearance "Choice"

Craig Fulton is a man who abused and raped his wife Jennifer, and later used the judicial system to harass her when she became pregnant.


When Craig and Jennifer met and eventually got married, they created a restaurant together, but it had bad business. However, Craig was an abusive husband, and whenever he was arrested on suspicions of abuse, Jennifer would never press charges. Because of the abuse, they legally separated but stayed married because they would have lost the restaurant due to a divorce. While Jennifer was closing the restaurant, Craig came by and they talked about it. During the conversation, Craig discovered that Jennifer was pregnant with their child. Craig then became so enraged that she was drinking despite her pregnancy that he attacked her and tried to rape her but leaves when she was knocked out.


After the assault, Craig is beside Jennifer while she accuses a gang member, Leon Ardilles, of raping her. Jennifer later reveals to the detectives that Craig was the one who assaulted her. When being interrogated by Detectives Benson and Stabler, Craig tries to claim that he was upset over Jennifer endangering the welfare of their unborn child by drinking. Eventually, A.D.A. Novak and Craig's defense lawyer, Nikki Staines, agree for Craig to take a plea in which he would serve no prison time but the sexual assault would be on his permanent record and there would be a restraining order to prevent him from going near Jennifer.

When he learns that Jennifer is going to terminate her pregnancy, Craig hires a prominent pro-life attorney named Felicity Bradshaw to file a restraining order in order to prevent her from getting the abortion. However, with the help of her attorney, Lorna Scarry, Jennifer is able to win the case. Outside the courthouse, while Benson keeps Craig from getting to Jennifer, he tries to plead with Jennifer to not abort their baby. When he learns that Jennifer now wants to keep their baby, he sends his brother Joshua to serve her with court papers to inform her that he is bringing her into family court, claiming that she was harming their child with her drinking. During the second trial, it is discovered that when she was a teenager, Jennifer gave birth to a girl with fetal alcohol syndrome, whom she gave up for adoption. After hearing this, Judge Sara Henning gives Jennifer a court order to not drink alcohol during her pregnancy and to get counseling. (SVU: "Choice")

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