SVU, Episode 5.21
Production number: E4425
First aired: 20 April 2004
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Javier Vega
Written By
Jose Molina

Directed By
Alex Zakrzewski


When it's suspected that an expert in forensics is responsible for the murder a local student, the focus of the investigation hones in on a criminology professor that Cragen arrested decades earlier for similar crimes. It's then up to Cragen and his team to discover if the professor is the perpetrator or being set up by a bitter rival.


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Background information and notes

  • If the episode aired in 2004 and the murder Vega committed happened 30 years ago that means that murder was in 1974 and by the thirteenth season which aired in 2011 that means Cragen most likely has a total of 37 years on the force plus the time he most likely spent as a patrolman and the other time he spent as a detective in the late sixties. Meaning he might have a bit over 40 years on the force. Maybe by season 14 it MIGHT be 50 years.

Episode scene cards

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Apartment of
Rebecca Wheeler
248 West 107th Street
Thursday, February 26

Wallace University
Criminology Department
Thursday, February 26

St. Anne's
Homeless Shelter
330 Tenth Avenue
Thursday, February 26

Wallace University
Office of Dean Ian Busch
Friday, February 27

5 6 7

Trial Part 46
Monday, April 12

Technical Assistance
Response Unit
One Police Plaza
Tuesday, April 13

Trial Part 46
Tuesday, April 13

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