UK, Episode 8.05
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First aired: 9 April 2014
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Written By
Jamie Crichton

Directed By
Joss Agnew


The body of elderly businesswoman Ranya Habib is found at a suicide spot but foul play is suspected after a neighbour tells Ronnie he heard her arguing with somebody. Ranya was meeting Egyptian doctor Yafeu Elsayed, whom Ronnie suspects of terrorism though he claims to be Ranya's specialist. CCTV footage links Ranya's daughter-in-law Safia to the crime scene and she is arrested and charged with murder. However it transpires that Safia opposed Ranya's desire for Safia's little daughter Laila to be subject to genital mutilation by Elsayed and Kate tips off Sania's lawyer Madeline Morgan to this effect, as well as persuading Joe to prosecute Elsayed for causing actual bodily harm to women. This alters everything.


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