Cyrus Lupo
Lupo Called Home
Name Cyrus Lupo
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Division Homicide Unit
Precinct 27th Precinct
Family Tom Lupo (brother; deceased)
Jenny Lupo (sister-in-law)
Status Alive
Actor Jeremy Sisto
First Appearance "Called Home"
Last Appearance "Rubber Room"

Detective Cyrus Lupo works for the NYPD's Homicide Department with the rank of Senior Detective. He is currently partnered with Detective Kevin Bernard.


Police force

Prior to rejoining the 27th Precinct, Lupo spent four years as a member of the  NYPD Intelligence Division, investigating terrorist groups overseas in Iraq, Pakistan, and Morocco; while on this assignment, Lupo often worked alone, without backup and unarmed.

Previous to NYPD Intelligence, he was a patrolman in the 27th Precinct. While a patrolman, he witnessed a Christmas morning crime scene in which a father murdered his wife and two children. This bloody crime scene left him with PTSD and he began drinking to deal with the trauma. While he was abusing alcohol, he appeared in court to testify against the father who committed the crime, and the defense lawyer discovered he was under the influence while testifying on the stand He continued drinking until he fell asleep in a patrol car while hung over on the job. Lupo's partner went to get him a cup of coffee, and was killed during the armed robbery of the bodega. Wracked with guilt, he quit drinking and saw a therapist for nine months.

He returned to the 27th as a result of his brother's assisted suicide and later was partnered with Ed Green. In Called Home, Lupo gets involved in a case where two men commit assisted suicide. One was his own terminally ill brother and he watches the tape of his brother killing himself after the case is over, learning Tom was in a lot of pain and only had six months left to live.

Eventually, he was promoted to senior partner, taking Kevin Bernard as his partner.

Lupo was involved with his brother's wife, Jenny, prior to her marriage to his brother.

Lupo is versed in the Bible, identifying a quote as from Romans. He is currently learning Spanish and is enrolled at Brooklyn Law School taking night school.

The fact that he's in law school is used against him in By Perjury as he got evidence illegally and as a law student, he should have known better.

This leaves E.A.D.A. Cutter furious with him, but after he and Bernard save Cutter's life when the defendant tries to murder him, Cutter gains a new appreciation for him.

In season 20, he gets romantically involved with a witness, who later turns out to be a con artist and a murderer; Lupo nearly ruins the case as a result.

Officer-involved shootings


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