Dale Pennington
Name Dale Pennington
Pathology Pedophile
Child abuser
Child molester
Alleged murderer
Family Darla Pennington (daughter)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Stephen Payne
First Appearance "Locum"

Dale Pennington is a man who kidnapped Ella Burton and forced her to be his wife.


Dale spotted Ella Burton swimming with her parents while on holiday and instructed his daughter Darla to invite her to play with her, hoping to kidnap Ella and make her his wife. Darla followed her father's instructions and took Ella to him. He subsequently kidnapped her and took her back home. He then beat her up so badly that a frightened Darla fled, believing he had killed Ella.

After an investigation regarding Ella's abduction and presumed murder was opened by the Special Victims Unit, Detectives Benson and Stabler were led by Darla to Dale, who threatened them with a gun. He was arrested just as Benson and Stabler found Ella, who had been watching. (SVU: "Locum")

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