Dalton Rindell
Name Dalton Rindell
Affiliation R-T Developers
Occupation Developer
Pathology Assailant
Sexual assailant
Family Celina Rindell (ex-wife)
Status Alive
Actor Scott Foley
First Appearance "Hammered"

Dalton Rindell was an alcoholic and the main suspect in the rape and murder of abortion doctor Audrey Hale, which was committed while he was intoxicated.


Prior to becoming sober, he sexually assaulted his assistant, Glenna Fletcher, and paid her for her silence. As a result, he was never charged for the assault due to lack of evidence. This incident prompted him to join Alcoholics Anonymous and stop drinking for over a year and three months. This streak stopped when his business partner pressured him into taking a drink at a business function.

Following this, he went on a drinking binge, during which he met Hale, whom he later killed in a drunken rage. He was cleared of the second-degree rape charge based on a lack of evidence, but the second-degree murder charge stood, based on a CGI-animated reenactment of him beating Hale with a hammer. However, A.D.A. Sonya Paxton accidentally inserted a DVD of the video with Dalton's face photoshopped on it, which was not meant for the jury. As a result, a mistrial was declared, and because of prosecutorial misconduct, the murder charge was dismissed with prejudice, leaving a remorseful Dalton to walk and confess to Benson. (SVU: "Hammered")

Known Victims

  • Unknown date in 2007: Celina Rindell (his ex-wife; assaulted)
  • Unknown date in 2008: Glenna Fletcher (flashed, grabbed her breast, and forced his hand down her pants)
  • July 29, 2009: Dr. Audrey Hale (beaten to death with a hammer)
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