L&O, Episode 8.22
Production number: K2522
First aired: 6 May 1998
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Written By
Janis Diamond

Directed By
Constantine Makris


A teacher's shooting involves the rape of a mentally challenged coed by students, whose attorney claims they weren't aware of her condition.


Main cast

Guest cast


  • Jimmy Carter


Briscoe: Is your gun here now?
Maxwell: [silence]
Curtis: Listen, when the police ask to see your licensed handgun, you don`t get to say no.

Valerie: My mom's dead. She's in heaven though. And she watches over us all the time. That's what Sally told me.
Dr. Skoda: What else has she told you?
Valerie: She told me that it's very important to know the names of people when you're talking to them, Dr. Skoda. And to always look people in the eye, and say thank you and please.
Dr. Skoda: Sally takes good care of you.
Valerie: I'm the oldest. I should be the one watching after Sally.
Dr. Skoda: Does that bother you?
Valerie: Dad says I'm special. That's why I'm Special Ed.
Dr. Skoda: Do the other kids treat you special?
Valerie: ...Nicole. She spilled ice cream on my new dress. Didn't even say "I'm sorry". She just called me a dummy.
Dr. Skoda: What about Hayden, Roscoe and Randy? Did they ever call you names?
Valerie: They're my friends. Friends don't hurt each other. It's what Gina said.
Dr. Skoda: Who's Gina?
Valerie: She's in 12th grade. Gina Bowman. She's my friend, too. She told me Hayden wanted to play.
Dr. Skoda: Valerie, can you tell some reasons why a woman might want to have sex with a man?
Valerie: 'Cause that's what you do when somebody loves you.

Briscoe said the adults are so enlightened they make his teeth hurt.


Lennie Briscoe: They told you it was a game? What game did they say it was?
Valerie Maxwell: Sex.
Curtis: And that was okay?
Valerie: I told them I couldn`t, because Dad says sex is for when you`re in love.

Curtis: Then what did they do?
Valerie: They laughed a lot. They said they loved me.

That school is a snake pit. The students are out of control and all the administration cares about is covering its collective ass.

–Amanda Novak

Judge Wright: Does the defense wish to make a motion?
Painter: CPL 290.10. The defense moves to set aside the jury's verdict.
McCoy: Objection! The prosecution proved its case!
Judge Wright: What case, Mr. McCoy? Have we gone so far down the road of political correctness that sex between willing partners is now called rape?! The girl said yes!
McCoy: She has the mind of a child!
Judge Wright: Well, she's mature enough to be plenty intrigued by her own sexuality. Face it, counselor. She had the time of her life. Case dismissed.

Judge Wright: Now, Valerie, Hayden called you a retard, and you told him you weren't. Is that right?
Valerie: Yes, sir.
Judge Wright: And after that, did he keep on calling you a retard?
Valerie: No.
Judge Wright: Did you like what the boys did to you?
Valerie: I did what I wanted.
Painter: Your honor, the defense requests you deny the state's motion to reverse your prior ruling.
Judge Wright: Granted.
McCoy: You set aside the jury's verdict, because you unfairly held the state responsible for proving the boys' prior knowledge. The state has now done so, and you STILL refuse?!!
Judge Wright: Mr. McCoy, it's over! There is no case here. There never was!
McCoy: How would you know?! You made up your mind before you heard the first word of testimony!
Judge Wright: You're on thin ice, counselor! The defense request is granted! The state's motion is denied! You want to appeal?! Be my guest!

[after seeing Cathy's dead body]
Briscoe: She was my baby, Rey! What am I gonna do?
Curtis: Come home with me, partner.

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Ballistics Laboratory
One Police Plaza
Wednesday, January 7

Maxwell's Deli
1940 Madison Avenue
Wednesday, January 7

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Monday, January 12

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Dr. Emil Skoda
Thursday, January 15

Supreme Court
Schermerhorn Street
Brooklyn, New York
Monday, February 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 40
Tuesday, February 17

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 40
Friday, February 20

Supreme Court
Trial Part 40
Wednesday, March 4

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