Dan Hoffman
210px-Dan Hoffman
Name Dan Hoffman
Occupation Businessman
Real estate agent
Pathology Murderer
Domestic abuser
Family Kim Hoffman (first ex-wife)
Jill Hoffman (second ex-wife; deceased)
Tommy Hoffman (son)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Rob Estes
First Appearance "Desperate"

Daniel "Dan" Hoffman is a wealthy real estate agent in Manhattan. In private, he was a violent and abusive wife-batterer.


Dan started abusing Jill, his second ex-wife, shortly after their wedding two years ago and completely isolated her from the world; he drove all her friends away. Kim, Dan's first ex-wife and Tommy's biological mother had left a year earlier; Dan abused her, as well.

In Dan's murder trial, as ADA Cabot leads Tommy past the defense table to leave, Dan flashes his son a smile, but Tommy looks at his mother sitting nearby, then quietly says to his father, "You killed Jill." Dan's attorney, Priscilla Chaney, immediately asked to move for a mistrial, as the judge calls for order in the court among the murmuring observers. Dan snaps and coldly urges his son not to testify against him, but Tommy turns to Cabot and agrees to testify. Dan can only watch in silence as his own son returns to the witness stand.

It is presumed that Dan was convicted of Jill's murder and domestic abuse towards both his ex-wives, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. (SVU: "Desperate")

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