Dan Lattimer
Name Dan Lattimer
Title Detective (19??-pre-2000; retired)
Affiliation NYPD
Division Manhattan Special Victims Unit (19??-pre-2000; retired)
Precinct 16th Precinct (19??-pre-2000; retired)
Occupation Police officer (19??-pre-2000; retired)
Bar owner
Status Alive
Actor John Doman
First Appearance "Limitations"

Dan Lattimer was a former detective with Manhattan Special Victims Unit who appeared in the episode "Limitations". He was inept, believed that most rapes were fabricated, and was extremely prejudiced against certain types of people, such as those whom he perceived as intellectual types.

Lattimer had been assigned to investigate the rape of Lois Creen in 1995, five years prior to the episode. Benson and Stabler interviewed one of Lattimer's former colleagues named Roy (last name unknown), who viewed Lattimer as unfit for the job. According to Roy, Lattimer would say that most rapes were fantasies, and "screwed up" on a case and "was given the choice to retire or be fired. He retired." After taking this forced retirement, Lattimer ran a cop bar in Elmhurst, Queens named The Ten Thirteen. According to Lattimer, "The department didn't do me any favors. Six months shy of my 20 and they squeeze me out so's they can screw me on the pension."

Detectives Benson and Stabler interview Lattimer at The Ten Thirteen, and it becomes clear that Lattimer did not believe his complaining witness Creen about being raped, out of a deep-seated bias against people he regards as intellectual types, believing that they have "one-night stands" and cannot be raped. Lattimer viewed his victim Creen as "the little Trekkie." According to Benson, Lattimer "hardly made any notes" on Creen's case, which Lattimer defends by saying that detectives have to learn self-preservation and how to pick their shots and "if you go all-out on every so-called rape, you'll wear yourself into the ground." Lattimer says about the case, "Right there's the whole story, O.N.S. One-night-stand. She's a 'bookworm' type. If she ever did catch a guy, she wouldn't know what to do with him, right? She gets laid, feels bad about it, makes up this mysterious stranger who knows all these intimate details about her personal life. Gimme a break." Benson asks if he's saying that nothing happened, to which he responds, "Well, she did get lucky, probably with some pimply little bookworm. But the rape? Nah. That's a stretch." Stabler tells Lattimer that he is pretty sure of himself, and Lattimer asserts that the rape complaint was from "morning-after regrets."

At this point, Stabler reveals to Lattimer that new DNA tests have matched Creen's attacker's semen with two other rape victims, and reveals that SVU is filing an arrest warrant on the genetic ID. Lattimer admits to Benson and Stabler, "So I made a mistake. Let me buy you a drink." Benson and Stabler leave, very disgusted at Lattimer for having willfully refused to help a rape victim and being bigoted against her, and for taking the situation so lightly.

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