Daniel Hendricks
Daniel Hendricks
Name Daniel Thomas Hendricks
Affiliation The Acherusian Temple
Occupation Former pastor
Pathology Cult leader
Con artist
Proxy murderer
Proxy bomber
Murder facilitator
Family Mark Hendricks (brother; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Sam Robards
First Appearance "Apocrypha"

Daniel Hendricks was a delusional cult leader, con artist, and proxy murderer.


At some point in his life, Hendricks was thrown out of the military, and later, his older brother Mark died of a drug overdose. As a result, Hendricks embraced a fanatical, apocalyptic brand of Christianity and, after having been rebuffed by a Luteran congregation, founded a religious cult named "The Acherusian Temple".

He persuaded one of his followers, Wendy Berman, to bomb a Colombian bank that was accused of favoring drug trafficking through money laundering, and which Hendricks accused of having, consequently, indirectly killed his brother. Berman sacrificed her life in the process.

After Hendricks was found guilty of Wendy's death, the rest of his followers committed mass suicide. (L&O: "Apocrypha")