Daniel Hunter
Name Daniel Hunter
Pathology Kidnapper
Bank robber
Mass hostage-taker
Family Jake Hunter (father)
Pamela Hunter (mother)
Carly Hunter (sister)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Shawn Reeves
First Appearance "Blast"

Daniel Hunter was a cocaine addict who kidnapped his leukemia-afflicted younger sister Carly for a $300,000 ransom from his parents to pay off a drug dealer.


Daniel was kicked out from the house at the age of eighteen after Carly discovered his stash of cocaine and mistook it for something edible. Previously, his parents Jake and Pamela tried everything they could to get his addiction treated, but nothing worked.

The investigation into Carly's kidnapping initially focused on a registered sex offender named Joel Mayder, who was arrested for sitting in a car near Carly's school. However, Mayder was ruled out after he died trying to evade Detective Elliot Stabler and his parole officer. Daniel was then suspected of the kidnapping after an attempt to exchange the ransom money for Carly.

After Carly was rescued, he took his father, Stabler, and Dr. Melinda Warner hostage at the Manhattan Liberty Bank (which his father managed). During the standoff, Daniel accidentally wounded Jake with a MAC-10 after a security guard opened fire on him, but Warner was able to stabilize Jake, who forgave Daniel. With the intent of committing suicide-by-cop, he started shooting the windows of the bank at the police outside but Warner stopped him with a shot to the leg, allowing Daniel to be safely taken into custody. A remorseful Daniel was arrested for kidnapping, reckless endangerment, robbery, and attempted murder, while Jake was taken to the hospital. (SVU: "Blast")

Known Victims

  • 2005:
    • December 6: Carly Hunter (his sister; kidnapped, demanded a ransom for her release, and indirectly endangered her life; was rescued three days later)
    • December 9: The Manhattan Liberty Bank standoff:
      • Jake Hunter (his father; later shot in the shoulder; survived)
      • Detective Elliot Stabler
      • M.E. Melinda Warner
      • Unnamed security guard (attempted; shot at, but missed)
      • Numerous unnamed bank employees and customers
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