Daniel Lester
Daniel Lester
Name Daniel Lester
Occupation Carpenter
Family Celia Lester (daughter with Annika Bergeron)
Status Alive
Actor Gabriel Olds
First Appearance "Tragedy"

Daniel Lester is a carpenter who works for Granville Developers, a company that is run by his girlfriend's mother Rose.


Daniel was engaged to marry Melinda Granville, when it became clear that his future mother-in-law didn't want one of his ex-girlfriends to ruin their happiness. Annika Bergeron became pregnant with their child, but decided not to inform Daniel after the break-up. Annika did mention her pregnancy to Melinda, who in turn told her mother. Rose became convinced that Daniel would leave Melinda for Annika and the baby, and that they would take the Granville's family capital with them. She set up an elaborate plan to frame Daniel for Annika's kidnapping. She hired an ex-con named Greg Jezic to kidnap her. Jezic had shared a cell with Sam Marlett during his time in Sing Sing. Sam turned out to be a friend of Daniel, whom he had helped to rebuild his life.

Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson interrogated Daniel about the kidnapping, and he confessed to the crime. However, they soon realized that he was lying to protect Melinda. When he and the Detectives realized that Rose was the mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder, he distanced himself from the Granvilles.

Before she died, Annika delivered their baby girl, and named her Celia. Annika gave her own life to save Celia's life. Detective Olivia Benson introduced him to his daughter, and he was very happy to see her. The baby currently lives with Daniel. (SVU: "Tragedy")

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