L&O, Episode 18.02
Production number: 18006
First aired: 2 January 2008
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Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter
Written By
William N. Fordes & David Slack

Directed By
Michael Dinner


Lupo and Green must find a mother and daughter who were kidnapped. Problem is, the whole city is stuck in a blackout. As the police and the DA's office struggle to make do, evidence starts to emerge that the kidnappings were part of a revenge plot against an energy company that has been staging blackouts to manipulate energy prices.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


Energyne Power Company; Nicky Costas; Galaxy o' Petsss


(Bradley has refused to grant the police an emergency warrant to search Galaxy o' Petsss due to a lack of evidence to justify the search)
Judge Walter Bradley: Just because the power's out doesn't mean we unplug the Constitution.

(Lupo is trying to figure out where Nicky Costas might have been headed before his death, but the elder Costas has terrible Alzheimer's)
Nick Costas: Do you know if he's comin' by today?
Cyrus Lupo: I don't think he's coming by, sir.
(Costas looks sad for a second, but then starts chuckling)
Nick Costas: Heh... I know what he's doin'... He's feeding the snake!

(Barkin has tripped while trying to flee the police)
Roy Barkin: Oh, officer! Thank god you're here! I just saw someone run by, I think he was a burglar or somethin'!
Cyrus Lupo: Shut up.

Connie Rubirosa: So you were just the dumb muscle?
Roy Barkin: You can kiss my dumb muscle.

Background information and notes

A similar real event to what happened with the companies in the episode resembles that of the Enron Scandal. (I.E. the regulating / adjusting energy flow, to manipulating energy prices.)

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