Darrell Guan
Name Darrell Guan
Affiliation Sam Sing Drug Store
Occupation Clerk
Pathology Double rapist
Family Susan Guan (mother)
Harold Starnes (father)
Unnamed maternal grandparents
Status Executed
Actor Marcus Chong
First Appearance "Inheritance"

Darrell Guan was a half-black, half-Asian murderer and double rapist, who was the product of a rape. His biological father, Harold Starnes, was also a murderer and serial rapist.

Guan was raised by his Chinese mother, Susan Guan, who admitted to partially hating him. His mother's family, and the Chinese community in New York, also ostracized him due to his mixed heritage. As a result of the emotional abuse he suffered, Guan eventually snapped and began attacking Asian women.

Guan was executed for the murder of Lucy Zhang after his conviction of all of the charges against him. (SVU: "Inheritance")

Known Victims

  • 2001:
    • April: [lSonja Yung (held at knifepoint)
    • April 30: Jiang Li (assaulted, cut, and attempted to stab)
    • May 12-13: Helen Chen (attempted, but survived; was raped, cut, burned with cigarettes, and bludgeoned)
    • May 14: Lucy Zhang (raped, stabbed to death, and cut a racial slur on her chest post-mortem)
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