Law and Order
L&O, Episode 14.11
Production number: E4313
First aired: 7 January 2004
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Written By
Marc Guggenheim

Directed By
Jace Alexander


A homeless man goes on trial for manslaughter, accused of killing another homeless man. His defense attorney argues that the laws of civilized society should not apply to homeless people because of their realities.


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Green: I think I'm coming down with whatever everybody else has. (coughs and sneezes)
Briscoe: (looks down at the dead body) He was dumped here late last night or this morning.
Green: Man, he took a beating.
Police Officer: Of the vehicular variety. Safety glass like from a windshield and paint flakes. He's got tib and fib breaks in both legs.
Green: Bumper fractures?
Briscoe: (looks at Green) And you thought you were feeling run down.
Southerlyn: So it's the survival of the fittest?
Attorney: Go ahead, make fun. It only shows how ignorant you are.
McCoy: Fortunately, we have laws that prevent man from descending into a Darwinian society.
Attorney: Except we've evicted the homeless from our society. We've made them into outcasts.
McCoy: (after Max Edgars' breakdown on the stand) Sounds... human to me Mr. Edgars.
McCoy (during his summation): The law exists to protect as well as to punish, so if you say that society's laws don't apply to defendants like Max Edgars, you're also saying that society's justice doesn't apply to victims like Alan Fisher. If that's your verdict, then society truly has turned its back on these people. They have no food, no shelter, no money ... don't deny them justice as well.

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Apartment Of
Gina Fisher
383 West 78th Street
Thursday, November 20

Salter Publicity
427 Park Avenue
Monday, November 24

JD Precision Auto Body
279 West 53rd Street
Monday, November 24

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Judge Elizabeth Mizener
Tuesday, December 9

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Supreme Court
Evidentiary Hearing
Wednesday, December 10

Sanjit Market
28 Avenue A
Monday, December 15

Supreme Court
Trial Part 63
Tuesday, January 20

Supreme Court
Trial Part 63
Friday, January 23

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