Dave Duethorn
Name Dave Duethorn
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD (1998-present)
Division Queens Homicide Department (2003-present)
Manhattan Special Victims Unit (2003; temporarily)
Precinct 48th Precinct (1998-2003)
16th Precinct (temporarily)
Occupation Police officer
Status Alive
Actor Erik Palladino
First Appearance "Damaged"
Last Appearance "Dominance"

Detective Dave Duethorn is a rookie gold shield detective.


Dave grew up next to the first Deputy Commissioner and eventually joined the NYPD with him as his rabbi. After five years patrolling the 48th Precinct his neighbor got him a promotion to detective and was transferred to Queens Homicide.


He was called to the video store shooting and interviews the clerk who shot the shooter: Joey Field. After Joey displays some initial shock he instructs the paramedics to take him home. When one of the shooting victims, Rebecca Kurtz, tests positive for gonorrhea he calls SVU and they send Detectives Benson and Stabler. In the hospital he briefs them on the shooting and that Rebecca is likely to die of her injuries. They ask if anyone told the parents about the gonorrhea and Dave informs them he left that for the experts and leaves.

He is later called in by SVU after it is determined that the shooting was a set-up and both Rebecca and the shooter, Eric Campbell, where killed to cover-up the rape. When they pull Eric's sheet Dave speculates that Eric was hired by Joey to kill Rebecca. Captain Cragen asks what Dave's boss wants to do with this and Dave tells him his Lieutenant will follow SVU's lead on this. Dave gives them Eric's father's address and Detectives Fin and Munch question him. When Joey is arrested his father calls Dave as a witness for the defense to hang out to dry because there is no corroboration on Missy's story. Later the case is resolved when both Missy and Joey are found guilty as is turns out that Missy orchestrated the shooting. (SVU: "Damaged")

He later calls Fin and Stabler to help investigate a quadruple rape-homicide where two couples were raped and murdered. Dave theorizes that this was a home invasion where they rape and kill them and rob them afterwards. He is shocked when M.E. Melinda Warner informs them that the men were raped as well. At the morgue, Dave and Fin learn the men were forced to rape the women and then each other. After discussing what set him off with Huang, Cragen informs Dave he is temporally assigned to SVU. Dave is okay with that and later points out there was an extra guest. Dave and Fin interview the father of one of the victims and he gives them a name, Paul Dumont, as they go over what was stolen. They go to Paul's work address to find him but his boss tells them he is in the hospital. At the hospital his attending physician tells the detectives he was hit three times in the head with a blunt object.

Dave theorizes with Fin and Munch that Dumont was attacked first and the perp took the flowers he was carrying to gain entry into the townhouse and Dumont walked a little further before falling. He later visits the crime scene of victims six and seven and notices the car keys are missing and say they got a spree killer. They confirm the MO is the same for the victims and that they beat victims when they don't cooperate. He later determines the photos were taken as trophies and goes back to the crime seen with Munch. He determines the perp is using a car and after killing the sixth and seventh victims he went back for it. Dave and Fin canvass the building but come up empty and as they leave a witness named Mrs. Nixon tells them about the attack and gives them details on the car and a partial plate and Dave takes her back to the precinct to better describe it. They eventually tie the car to Charlie Baker and his brother and are called to another scene with two male vics and notify the father of one of them. Dave and Fin later realize that they were with dates when the father brings it up and realize they have a double kidnapping.

Fin and Dave visit the crime lab and they give them the killer's approximate weight and the type of shoe he is wearing. They later learn another car the perp is using turned up with someone sleeping in the car. They later canvas department stores when the evidence points to a connection and learn Charlie's brother Billy works in one. They decide to surveil him so he'll lead them to the girls. When Billy is caught with stolen credit cards from the victims he tries to run but Dave cuts him off and Billy is arrested after Dave pulls a gun on Billy to unsuccessfully get him to tell where the girls are. They search Billy's house and find all the stolen stuff and Dave and Fin interrogate him. They try to get him to tell where the women are but asks to see Charlie. Dave advises that it's their best shot but when Billy doesn't confess and two more bodies show-up Fin and Dave go to the scene. Dave latest determines there are two perps from the footprints and suspicion turns on Charlie. They later find out from Billy's girlfriend that Charlie was raping Billy and threatened to kill everyone if they said anything. They convince the father to give up Charlie and he is arrested with the gun he used to kill the couples. They manage to turn Billy on his brother by revealing where they found the stolen items and billy gives them the location while Charlie screams in protest. They recover the women in time and are taken to the hospital. (SVU: "Dominance")

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