Dave Harlin
Name Dave Harlin
Affiliation Arturo's Art Studio
Occupation Welder
Pathology Accused murderer
Status Alive
Actor Chris Coy
First Appearance "East Pasadena"
Dave Harlin was the boyfriend of Amanda Russell, who believed that he had murdered her.


Dave came drunk one night with his friend, Arturo and passed out on him bed, unknowning that his girlfriend was dead. When Dave woke up, he found Amanda dead in her bed and, believing he killed her when he was drunk put her in his car, wanting to bring her to a doctor but ended up leaving her corpse there. Dave then hid in Arturo's studio

When Detectives Ricardo Morales and Tomas Jaruszalski came up to the roof of Arturo's studio they see Dave about to try to kill himself. Detective Morales tells Dave to not jump because he will only break his back and legs due to the small amount of height the building has. Dave shows remorse for supposedly killing Amanda and he get back on the roof and lets himself be arrested.

Dave tells the detectives about the night and how he was drunk so he believed that he killed her. With him saying that he was drunk and Arturo's point of view in the case when he brought Dave home made the detectives realize that Dave did not kill Amanda. Eventually, the detectives figure out that Amanda's real killed was Lieutenant Stanley Petracelli. (LA: "East Pasadena")

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