David Kellen
Name David Kellen
Affiliation Ellsworth & Company
Occupation CEO
Status Deceased
Actor David Alan Basche
First Appearance "The Last Street in Manhattan"
David Kellen was the CEO of Ellsworth & Company, a powerful investment company.


David Kellen was a powerful CEO, who used a dating website run by Stephanie Miller, which he got dozens of dates, most notably Nikki Vansen, whose relationship with David lasted three months. At some point after when David broke up with Nikki and started to date Vanessa Colway, a teacher whose father, Shawn was in a $70,000 debt with a mobster named Jack Driscoll. Vanessa bought David a watch only for David to end up losing it which resulted in Vanessa buying David another watch which remained precious to him. David threatened Jack when Jack had discovered that David was taking over Sultan Foods and that Jack was the one who had Vanessa's father in debt. However, David and Vanessa's relationship lasted only two months.

David went to Stephanie again in order to find another woman to go on a date with, after a while David choses to go out with Andrea Stiles, an intelligent French model. While at the resturant, Le Chat Blanc, David encounters Nikki, who makes a joke about David's tendencies to talk about his spirituality. David goes in the men's bothroom where Nikki joins him and they have a brief conversation and David leaves the bathroom.

After the date David and Andrea go into a taxi where David has the taxi drop him off at a street near where he lives, David kisses Andrea's cheek and Andrea leaves in the taxi. David calls Aston Skinner, his right-hand-man and Nikki's current boyfriend and tells Aston that he knows what he is doing and tells Aston that he is "a dead man". When David walked onto the street a car nearly hits him but he gets out of the way and tells the car to learn how to drive. David walks a bit more and sees Jack but, beofre he can react Jack shoots David twice in the chest, killing him. Jack took David's money from his wallet after killing him to make his death look like a robbery gone wrong.

Detectives Goren and Eames went into David's murder the next day when his body was found in order to intentify the killer. Fearing he might be exposed as David's killer, Jack has a man named Michael Connelly pretend to be a witness of David's murder and has him frame Nikki for David's murder. However, this doesn't work after the detectives are suspisious of Michael credability which results in the latter getting killed by Jack or one of his henchmen. The detectives, with the help of Vanessa arrest Jack for David's murder. (CI: "The Last Street in Manhattan")

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