"Dawn Till Dusk"
UK, Episode 6.06
Production number:
First aired: 10 February 2012
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Written By
Richard Stokes

Directed By
Mark Everest


Ronnie and Sam are called out to the scene of a man found dead in his car. They immediately discover that he was not alone, and soon manage to track down his female friend. If one case wasn't tough enough, they are distracted when they are called to the scene of a man who has hit his brother over the head during a violent row. As they interview the main suspect in the case of the dead man, they discover that the suspect in question, Roland Wilson, had been spotted following one of the man's female colleagues just weeks earlier.

To make matters worse, in interview, he fails to provide any information as to where he was on the night in question. Just as they are about to charge Roland, they discover the weapon used to kill the victim does not match a weapon found in Roland's possession, leaving their case with no leads. With hours of CCTV to trawl through, the detectives soon become work-logged when the case of the man who attacked his brother turns into a murder charge. With two cases to deal with, a further spanner is thrown into the works when a defendant on trial accuses Sam of intimidating him during interview.


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"Dawn Till Dusk"
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