"Daydream Believer"
SVU, Episode 16.20
Production number: 16020
First aired: 29 April 2015
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Teleplay By
Julie Martin & Ed Zuckerman

Story By
Warren Leight & Matt Olmstead

Directed By
Martha Mitchell

Chicago and New York police continue the investigation into an unsolved rape and murder case.


Benson and Voight lead their teams in the investigation of a rape/murder case that is frighteningly similar to a case from New York a decade ago. When forced to release their main suspect, the Chicago PD joins the SVU in New York in pursuit of Dr. Greg Yates.


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Dr. Yates: [after examining photographs of Nadia's death] Doctor, could Miss Decotis' injuries have been caused by her prostitution?
Dr. Warner: It's unlikely. She was savaged.
Dr. Yates: Savaged, you say? How so?
Dr. Warner: In addition to the blunt trauma and strangulation, there were cuts on her nipples and external genitalia.
Dr. Yates: And her anal sphincter, was that torn?
Dr. Warner: Yes, it was.
Dr. Yates: And these injuries, though not fatal, they would've been painful?
Dr. Warner: Very. She died a slow death.
Dr. Yates: How long did she survive after the first attack started?
Dr. Warner: 30 minutes. Maybe longer.
Dr. Yates: And she would've been in agony all through it?
Judge Barth: Mr. Barba, not to put words in your mouth, but I'm willing to entertain an objection if you have one.
Barba: I'm fine, your honor.
Dr. Yates: Doctor, was she in a lot of pain?
Dr. Warner: Yes. I'm sure she was.
Dr. Yates: Were there signs of struggle?
Dr. Warner: Yes. The skin was torn around the ligature marks.
Dr. Yates: What goes through a victim's head in their final moments?
Crane: Your honor, may I please speak with my client?
Dr. Yates: No, I'm not done here.
Crane: Short recess.
Dr. Yates: Sit down.
[Crane takes her seat]
Dr. Yates: [to Dr. Warner] Back to Nadia. Would the terror, the fear, have flooded her with adrenaline?
Dr. Warner: I can't answer that.
Dr. Yates: Would she have awareness of what was going on? Would she understand that these were the final moments of her life?
[Dr. Warner remains silent]
Dr. Yates: Come on! Doctor, we are both medical people! Use your knowledge!
[he suddenly looks around and sees that the entire courtroom is staring at him]
Dr. Yates: [nervously] Or... Or don't.

Background information and notes

"In the criminal justice system some killers are so depraved that it takes multiple police agencies to bring them to justice. This is one of those investigations."
  • Title refers to the same-named John Stewart-composed chart-topper for The Monkees (their third and last) from 1967.

Episode scene cards

  • This crossover adopted the Law & Order style of using scene cards both for the SVU and Chicago P.D. episodes.

The Number of Rats

1 2 3

Apartment of
Victoria Lewyn
3545 Silverhill Street
Chicago, Illinois
Saturday, April 11

Apartment of
Charlotte Reegen
2037 West Armitage
Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, April 12

Millennium Park
Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, April 12

Daydream Believer

1 2 3

Abandoned Shipyard
305 West 216th Street
Monday, April 13

23-54 96th Street
East Elmhurst, Queens
Monday, April 13

Pelham Bay Park
Monday, April 13

4 5 6

Supreme Court
Part 21
Wednesday, April 15

Supreme Court
Part 21
Thursday, April 16

Courthouse Holding
Thursday, April 16

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"Daydream Believer"
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