De Santis (Mr.; CI)
Mr. De Santis
Name De Santis
Occupation Welder
Status Alive
Actor Michael P. Moran
First Appearance "One"
Mr. De Santis is a welder who sold metal to several people, most notably, Casten Zivkovic.


Mr. De Santis was known by a man named Avi who told Detective Eames about him when she told showed him a picture of a tool used by Karl and his group to rob a jewelry store. 

Eames and her partner, Detective Goren go to Mr. De Santis' workshop to talk to him about the person who bought his medal for the parts used in the robbery. Detective Eames threatens that the Crime Lab team will find the characteristics of the medal as the tool used in the robbery which would take upwards of months to do. Mr. De Santis' medal  Mr. De Santis tells the detectives a brief description of the man, a bald Serbian. Mr. De Santis asks the detectives if there was anything else he could do and Detective Eames tells him that he is closing early as he follows Detective Eames out of the workshop. (CI: "One")

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