Deacon Brinn
Name Deacon Brinn
Pathology Child molester
Family Julia Brinn (wife)
Zeke Brinn (son)
Status Deceased
Actor Terry Serpico
First Appearance "Quarry"

Deacon Brinn was a child molester and murderer.


In 1980, when Deacon was 13, he was molested by his Little League coach, Lucas Biggs. He began to abuse younger boys soon afterwards in order to make someone else feel as degraded and powerless as he did. He molested, raped, and murdered seven-year-old Jeffrey Ronsen and buried his body in a rock quarry in his neighborhood. As an adult, he molested dozens of young boys, including his own son Zeke, and videotaped the assaults to relive the memory.

When Jeffrey's remains were unearthed in 2005, Olivia Benson questioned Deacon about Biggs, who was by now on death row for killing one of his victims, in order to find out whether Biggs was responsible for Jeffrey's murder. Deacon admitted to having been one of Biggs' victims, but denied knowing anything about the murder.

Later that night, one of Deacon's former victims, Avery Shaw, broke into his house just as he was about to molest another boy and confronted him. They got into a violent argument that ended with Avery storming out. Moments later, Deacon's wife Julia, who had discovered the tape of him abusing their son, shot him in a fit of rage, and made his death look like a suicide by throwing his body on the nearby train tracks, just in time for it to be run over and cut in half by an oncoming train. (SVU: "Quarry")

Known Victims

  • Jeffrey Ronsen (molested, raped, and murdered)
  • Dozens of unnamed young boys (all molested)
  • Zeke Brinn (his son; molested repeatedly)
  • Avery Shaw (raped)
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