Dean Connors
Name Dean Connors
Title Assigned Counsel
Affiliation 18b Panel
Occupation Defense Attorney
Pathology Conspirator
Criminal accomplice
Status Alive
Actor Peter Gerety
First Appearance L&O: "Star Crossed"
Last Appearance TBJ: "Truth or Consequences"

Dean Connors is a defense attorney who practices in New York City.


Connors has been a defense attorney for 30 years and for the last 10 years Connors has completely opted to forgo going to trial and only arrange plea deals for his clients.


A.D.A. Jack McCoy once stated that Connors was "a nice sort, but was morally opposed to doing hard work". McCoy also stated that Connors hasn't tried a case in ten years. He seemingly took Robbie Delgado on as a client at the behest of Tina Montoya. Connors offered McCoy the chance to have his client plead out on the murder of Hal Garber, on the condition that Montoya not be charged with a crime. It was later discovered that Montoya was the killer and had also seduced Connors and Delgado to cover it up. Connors was censured and McCoy states Connors would be disbarred. (L&O: "Star Crossed")

Despite McCoy's statement, it is later revealed that his license was only suspended. Connors was later reinstated as a lawyer as he is seen representing Danny Wallace by court appointment after he is accused of raping and killing his ex-girlfriend Kristen Ames. (TBJ: "Truth or Consequences")



  • According to one of the episode scene cards in the episode "Star Crossed", Connors' office is located on 162 Central Street.
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