Dean Porter
Dean Porter
Name Dean Porter
Title Agent
Affiliation Federal Bureau of Investigation
Pathology Accessory to murder
Status Unknown
Actor Vincent Spano
First Appearance "Infiltrated"
Last Appearance "Spooked"

Agent Dean Porter was an employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


His first appearance was in "Infiltrated", where he served as Olivia's undercover agent.

Porter tried to protect Ben Nicholson from the accusations of the Special Victims Unit during a case against Corinne Nicholson. He allowed the detectives to get a DNA sample from Nicholson, after they showed up with a warrant. After that, he told the detectives to back off. He later informed them that the FBI wasn't aware of Ben's whereabouts. (SVU: "Savant")

His last appearance was in "Spooked", where he was sent to investigate the rape victim involved in the drug cartel. It turns out that he was in on it. The last thing he said to Benson after she said "Why didn't you trust me," was "Our feelings don't matter." At the end of it, it shows Benson looking at her reflection in the interrogation room window with tears in her eyes.

It is shown a CIA operative killed two people then called Porter. Porter allegedly gave her orders to cover it up. A drug lord named Manuel Rojas was then framed for the murders, and Porter shot him to save Benson when Rojas took her hostage.


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