Dean Tyler
Name Dean Tyler
Affiliation United States Marine Corps
Occupation Marine soldier
Pathology Alleged murderer
Alleged assailant
Family Carolyn Tyler (wife)
Courtney Tyler (daughter)
John (cousin)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Tom Berenger
First Appearance "Panic"
Dean Tyler was the wife of Carolyn Tyler, who he discovered was having a lesbian affair with author P.K. Todd.


Dean was at some point in the marines where he was noted to have a high stress tolerance as noted by Dr. Samuel Bookman. Dean had also been involved with one of P.K's more recent novels as a marine source of information. Dean had discovered through a phone big he implanted that Carolyn was having an affair with mystery novel writer P.K. Todd. Caroyln had told P.K. that she wanted to abandon Dean for her. upon hearing this Dean was shocked by this hidden conversation to the point where he couldn't breathe.

Dean was approached by Detectives Briscoe and Green upon them believing that Dean was the one that had shot P.K. and killed her accouant, Martin Hass. Dean shows the detectives pictures of Carolyn and Courtney and then ask the detectives why they were there. The detectives tell Dean that a woman that looked like his wife was at the hotel P.K. was at and they accuse Dean of having an affair which he heavily denies.

Dean watches along with Courtney as the detectives and Claude Hays, Carolyn's boss open the safe and discover that the gun Carolyn had was similair to the one used to kill Hass. Carolyn was then arrested by the detectives in front of Dean and Courtney's eyes.

Upon the detectives discovering that Dean was the one that had bugged the phone they realized that Carolyn and P.K. were having an affair and they go and arrest Dean, enraging Carolyn. Dean was brought to an interrogation room where he claimed that he did not kill Martin and wound P.K. but Carolyn did. The detectives are introduced to Stan Gillum, Dean's defense attorney who then asks ADA McCoy how Carolyn couldn't have done it. Dean attempts to make a deal with the help of DA Gillum to plead on a sexual panic. Judge Donald Karan denies this and has Dean go to court.

Several accusations about Dean are made one of them being that had a hatred towards homosexuals but Carolyn denied that saying that he had a gay cousin named John who went to his Thanksgiving party with and they discussed sports. Another accusation made by Dr. Bookman was that Dean did have a sexual panic as everything that made Dean Dean was disappearing before his eyes which made him go insane and try to kill P.K. Dean was up on the court to say his side of the story where he "confesses" to killing P.K. due to fear that Carolyn would leave him for P.K. ADA McCoy and Judge Karan agree that Dean could not have attacked P.K. in a panic because he understood his actions.

Dean walks into an interrogation room along with DA Gillum to find ADA McCoy interrogating Courtney which he is angered about. When ADA McCoy continues to ask Courtney questions Dean tells her that she doesn't have to answer them. However, Courtney snaps and says how she wanted Dean and Carolyn to be happy together and not have Carolyn with P.K. who she refers to as a bitch. Even though Cortney had revealed her role in Martin's killing Dean says that he is guilty despite McCoy's attempts at convincing him not to do so, leaving an enraged Courtney and a saddened Carolyn. Judge Karan has Dean mistried and found guilty for Martin's murder and the attack of P.K. (SVU: "Panic") 

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