Law and Order
"Dear Ben"
SVU, Episode 20.12
Production number: 20012
First aired: 17 January 2019
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Written By
Julie Martin & Matt Klypka

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


A serial rapist strikes again after two decades of silence and the Special Victims Unit is determined to uncover the elusive criminal and bring justice to his many victims. Stone discovers that his father worked on the case before it went cold.


Stone and Benson talk with him noting that he is feeling how his father felt with this case. Carisi comes in and revealed that he had no luck running the DNA through the system so he thought out of the box and ran it through a genealogy search on the Internet where he got a hit stating that the Infinity rapist has family in the city: a female relative. Hearing this, Benson and Stone tell him to roll with this.

Carisi and Fin find the female relative Amy Gardner and she says she has an uncle Edgar Noone who is around the same age as the rapist but she denies her uncle would ever do anything like that describing him as a sweet man. Fin goes to track the suspect while Carisi makes sure Amy does not try anything to notify her Uncle.

Noone was found by the detectives and Stone who arrest him. When Noone recognizes Stone as the son of Benjamin, the latter grows tense. After notification of arrest, Carisi tells Amy of this and she says she’s going to get her uncle a lawyer. At the precinct, Carisi revealed that he processed a DNA sample obtained from a stamp used by Noone in one of his letters and matched it. The squad also note that Noone worked as a cable installer in the past which most likely gave him access to the houses of the victims he raped.

In court, Noone is represented by Roger Kressler had the evidence deemed unable to hold up in court, leading to Noone's quick release. As he leaves out the room, Noone taunts Stone on not being as good as his father was.

Carisi meets with Amy at the precinct and she reveals that she could not believe that her uncle would do such a thing but after a while of thinking that she finally put it together. She reveals in her childhood that her uncle Edgar had come to stay with the family for a while and some nights he would have screaming episodes, as she reveals that he and her mother had abusive parents and believes that her grandfather raped her grandmother and forced Edgar and his sister to listen to it.

Carisi relays this to Stone, the latter is shocked his father was tortured by a man that was tortured by his own father. Stone is confident that they have Edgar right where they want him now.

Edgar is arrested for having several unpaid parking tickets. Stone and Benson go into the interrogation room and show Edgar the letters Benjamin Stone received from Infinity. Edgar is surprised that Benjamin kept the letters all this time, while Peter states his father was obsessed with Infinity. However Peter states that the Infinity rapist had no idea that his father did not play golf he also reveals that his father only cared about the victims and wanted to stop the rapist. Edgar is driven to implicate himself by Peter and Lieutenant Benson, both of whom make Noone realize Benjamin never really cared about him. Edgar reveals that he would watch Ben work every night from his office even stalking him to the parking lot, stating that all Ben cared about was him. Because of this confession Edgar is arrested while Benson tells Peter his father would be proud.


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Background Information and Notes

  • The Infinity Rapist had not struck since January 2, 1994. Coincidentally, later in 1994, Benjamin Stone, the attorney Infinity had been so obsessed with, leaves the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. (L&O: "Old Friends")
  • A deleted scene has Rollins and Carisi discussing the case over video conference and her mentioning what it's like living with Dr. Al Pollack. Amy then comes to the precinct and asks Carisi if she could buy him a coffee.[1]
  • Another episode that deals with an imposter taking over the identity of a long time infamous serial rapist is the episode "Scavenger".
  • Another episode in the Law & Order franchise that centers on a serial killer found by familial DNA match is the Law & Order: LA episode "Ballona Creek".
  • This marks the final appearance of Roger Kressler, due to the death of his actor.

Episode scene cards

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Office of
The District Attorney
1 Hogan Place
Thursday, January 3

Patton Residence
74 Pulaski Street
Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Thursday, January 3

Apartment of
Claire Newbury
217 East 78th Street
Friday, January 4

Arterial Curiosity Shop
181 Broome Street
Saturday, January 5

5 6 7

Apartment of
Amy Gardner
260 South 2nd Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Sunday, January 6

Home of
Edgar Noone
501 West 21 Street
Sunday, January 6

Motions Court
Part 11
Tuesday, January 6


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