"Dearly Beloved"
SVU, Episode 20.19
Production number: 20019
First aired: 4 April 2019
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Written By
Richard Sweren & Allison Intrieri

Directed By
Lucy Liu


The Special Victims Unit investigates a he-said, she-said case when a woman crashes a wedding to accuse her therapist of sexual assault.




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Joshua Hensley: I gave both those women exactly what they wanted.
Olivia: No, you conned them into believing that... that's what they wanted. And like any good con man, you've convinced yourself that your victims got what they deserved. You are done, Doctor. You're done.

Rollins [to Olivia]: Kitty is not your mom.
Olivia: Well, she might as well be. When I was 15 years old, I overheard her on the phone talking to someone. And I heard her say, "How could I love someone that was conceived by a monster?" That's exactly what what Kitty said to me.

Lana Stallworth: [to Kitty] Go ahead and kill him! I know you're telling the truth! I know that Josh raped you!
Kitty Bennett: Oh, God, how dare you?
Lana Stallworth: No, please! Listen to me. You said those exact same words to me! Remember, Josh? The first time we had sex after you raped me.

Kitty: I felt the baby kick this morning. It really reminded me of what you said, you know, what happened to me is not this baby's fault.
Olivia: That doesn't mean that it's not gonna be hard. You know, I've known women in your exact position who have decided to raise their daughter or their son. And some days, they don't even think about it, and other days... you know, even though your baby was conceived in an act of violence, your baby is innocent and deserves to be unconditionally loved. Promise me that if you decide to become a mother that you'll remember that.
Kitty: I will.

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