Deborah Curtis
Name Deborah Curtis
Family Rey Curtis (husband)
Isabel Curtis (daughter)
Olivia Curtis (daughter)
Serena Curtis (daughter)
Status Deceased
Actor Pat Moya
First Appearance "Paranoia"
Last Appearance "Monster"
Deborah Curtis was the wife of NYPD Detective Rey Curtis. They married in 1988.

In 1996, Rey cheated on her with another woman and Deborah became distrustful of him. Things got so bad that in September or October of that year, they separated.

Early in 1997, while they were separated, Rey traveled with Lennie Briscoe to Los Angeles as part of their investigation into the murder of Mattawin Studios executive Heidi Ellison.

While there, he met another Mattawin executive, Lisa Lundquist, who became so smitten with him that she offered him a job as a consultant for a police flick. Curtis was greatly tempted by her, but told her that he was not ready to give up on his marriage to Deborah. (L&O: "D-Girl")

This created problems for him months later when the case went to trial; the defense claimed that Lundquist had seduced Curtis to cook up evidence against the defendant, Eddie Newman.

This was all untrue, but Deborah was not happy to hear that he'd been spending so much time alone with Lundquist. (L&O: "Showtime")

Very shortly after, Deborah was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Curtis would later confess in private that he feared his wife's illness was God's way of punishing him for being tempted so often. (L&O: "Burden")

By 1998, her symptoms had grown so bad that her husband left the Homicide Division in order to take care of her, which he did until her death in 2009.


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