"December Solstice"
SVU, Episode 16.16
Production number: 16016
First aired: 25 February 2015
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Sharat Raju

A literary icon's life becomes a tabloid headline.


Celebrity author Walter Briggs is the focus of a feud between his sixth wife, Charmaine, and his daughters from previous marriages. The fight over control for both his well-being and his estate becomes a criminal case when Charmaine is accused of abusing her husband. Meanwhile, Barba struggles with his own family drama when he goes against his grandmother's wishes.



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Background information and notes

  • Emily Bergl and Susan Pourfar previously starred together in the Law and Order: CI Season 5 episode titled "Vacancy".

Episode scene cards

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Townhouse of
Walter and Charmaine Briggs
61 East 65th Street
Saturday, February 7

Gollier Lemay Health Center
102 East 77th Street
Saturday, February 7

349 West 47th Street
Saturday, February 7

Westchester County Courthouse
White Plains, New York
Saturday, February 7

5 6 7 8

Apartment of
Catalina Diaz
113 McClellan Street
Bronx, New York
Saturday, February 7

Westchester General Hospital
White Plains, New York
Sunday, February 8

Arraignment Court
Part 11
Monday, February 9

Supreme Court
Part 17
Tuesday, February 10

9 10 11

Saint Teresa Assisted Living
6072 Riverdale Avenue
Tuesday, February 10

Supreme Court
Part 17
Tuesday, February 10

Supreme Court
Part 17
Wednesday, February 11

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"December Solstice"
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Season 16
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