"Decline and Fall"
SVU, Episode 18.09
Production number: 18009
First aired: 18 January 2017
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman & Robert Brooks Cohen

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac

Summary[edit | edit source]

Rape accusations from a bartender threaten to tear apart an influential family.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Rollins tried to collect a DNA sample from Hendricks Sr. but he refuses and instead admits to sleeping with Sarah, much to the shock of everyone present. This new evidence has Rollins questions if he drugged her as well, though he denies it. However, his daughter warn him not to say anything more to incriminate himself.

At the precinct, Benson meets Sarah to tell her sometimes the drugs that she took have effects that wear off and gradually her memories will return so she shows Sarah pictures of the party and Eric. After a while, she remembers that she did in fact have consensual sex with him, so he cannot be the rapist. Sarah says that the second person must be the culprit and Benson shows her the picture of Eric's grandfather Lawrence. Sarah voices her disgust at the thought and states she has no memory of sleeping with him especially when Benson mentions that Hendricks said they slept together. After Sarah brings up how he must be the one who drugged her, Benson tells Sarah that the drugs may have been planted in Eric's room by his grandfather. She tells Sarah there is a way that she can help them with the case.

Sarah meets with Hendricks and his daughter at the park, showing her anger at being raped by him while he’s casual about situation and that he only gave her a drink to relax. Sarah demands that he apologize for the event but he does not budge, stating he did nothing wrong with his action. Because of his admission on the recording Sarah wore, detectives proceed to arrest him.

Barba finds Hendricks at a hearing, claiming to be suffering from dementia. Barba can see through this ploy, especially when it comes apparent that the Hendricks' daughter wants to seize control of the company.

Meeting Benson, Barba tells her that he refuses to let Hendricks feign an ailment to get away while Benson acknowledges his determination.

Taking the stand, Eric testifies against his grandfather, revealing that he and Sarah had drinks with his grandfather. He apologizes to Sarah while Hendricks flies into a rage and verbally abused his grandson.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Olivia: The daughter gets what she wanted, which is control of the company now as opposed to ten years from now. And the father gets what he wants, which is a free pass on a rape charge.
Rafael [to Olivia about Lawrence Hendricks] Not gonna happen.
Olivia: You seem pretty confident.
Rafael: More like angry.
Olivia: Even better.

Carisi: Fin still at home, cramming for the sergeant’s exam?

Olivia: Yep

Carisi: I should go over there later, drill him

Rollins: No,no he says he has a sleep leaning system, he plays tapes with a speaker under his pillow

Carisi: He’s kidding, right?

Rollins: I don’t know

Background Information and Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Fin does not appear, as he is mentioned to be studying for the Sergeant Exam.

Episode scene cards[edit | edit source]

1 2 3

Avalon Store
629 Lexington Avenue
Monday, January 9

Residence of
Lawrence Hendricks
147 West 54th Street
Monday, January 9

Hendricks Foundation
162 Greene Street
Tuesday, January 10

4 5 6 7

Carl Schurz Park
Wednesday, January 11

Civil Court
Part 14
Tuesday, January 24

Supreme Court
Part 15
Thursday, January 26

Supreme Court
Part 15
Friday, January 27

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