Dede McCann
Dede McCann
Name Dede McCann
Pathology Murderer
Family Johnny Feist (son)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Rebecca Wisocky
First Appearance "Diamond Dogs"

Dede McCann is a drug addict.


McCann enlisted her son and fellow junkie Johnny Feist to rob a series of jewelry stores to feed their habit, with her acting as the getaway driver. During those robberies, she incited Johnny to kill witnesses during the robberies.

When Johnny's girlfriend Maya Sampson was arrested, she murdered her to cover up loose ends. Johnny agreed to testify against her when he discovered this. She was later convicted for her part in the murder-robberies and sentenced to life in prison. (CI: "Diamond Dogs")

Known Victims

  • 2005:
    • Unknown date: Jack and Miriam Engles (burglarized by Johnny; stole a gun, watch, and other items)
    • September 8: The first jewelry store robbery (committed by Johnny):
      • Daniel (employee; shot twice in the chest)
      • Vijay Jolinari (employee; held hostage)
      • An unnamed woman and her daughter (customers; both held hostage)
      • An unnamed woman (customer; held hostage)
    • September 11-12: The second jewelry store robbery (committed by Johnny):
      • Lucas Crais (the owner; shot in the chest)
      • Lucas's unnamed wife (held at gunpoint)
    • September 12: The third jewelry store robbery (committed by Johnny):
      • Mr. Damaso (the co-owner; shot in the chest)
      • Mrs. Damaso (the co-owner; shot four times in the chest)
      • Two unnamed employees (both held hostage)
      • Two unnamed customers (both held hostage)
    • September 12-14: Maya Sampson (killed with a drug overdose)
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