Delman Chase
Name Delman Chase
Occupation Reverend
Pathology Serial rapist
Serial statutory rapist
Family Laura Chase (wife)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Roger Cross
First Appearance "Garland's Baptism By Fire"

Delman Chase is Christian Garland's reverend, who was secretly a serial statutory rapist.

Background[edit | edit source]

Chase was a good friend of Christian Garland, serving as the minister of his wedding and the Godfather of his daughter.

Chase opened a school, where he began sexual relationships with the underage girls there. Chase would move onto a new girl when the others got older, he would also pay them off with church funds.

One girl Renée Lee would record one of their encounters. Chase responded by taking her computer and paying off her and her mother. Unknown to him, she kept a copy of the encounter on her phone.

History[edit | edit source]

When a member of Chase's church was arrested on embezzlement charges, she revealed to the Special Victims Unit that Chase was a predator who preyed on teenage girls and paid them large sums of money to keep quiet, including one girl who said she had video footage of her rape. Chase was arrested but given bail, denying ever raping anyone and condemning Garland and the SVU's actions.

At first, Chase's wife Laura stood by him, but after talking to several of the victims, she told Captain Benson to charge him, showing remorse and guilt for standing by him. After a trial, Chase plead guilty and was convicted. Garland visited Chase in prison, who claimed the Lord put him in prison to test him and help fellow prisoners see the light of God. Garland proceeded to chastise Chase for his own actions putting him away and says he has to own up but Chase simply told him not to visit him again and left to serve his sentence but not before Garland told him he would pray for him. (SVU: "Garland's Baptism By Fire")

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