Law and Order
Law and Order
SVU, Episode 7.01
Production number: 07004
First aired: 20 September 2005
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Written By
Amanda Green

Directed By
David Platt

Detective Stabler goes undercover in order to catch a recently paroled rapist who he is convinced has returned to his old ways.


Stabler goes undercover as a sex offender to gain the trust of a serial rapist released from jail, but his cover is blown, putting his life in danger. But his plan goes a little too far when a young girl is almost raped. Stabler ends up revealing his identity to save the girl.


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67th Precinct; Elmira; 42nd Street; Mercy General Hospital; Bryant Park; Attica; Division of Parole


Ray Schenkel: What kind of fool rapes a girl the day he gets out of prison?
Olivia Benson: You, Ray. Because there's no cure for sex offenders!

Radios don't have civil rights.

–Odafin Tutuola

Elliot McEvoy: I went to prison for what I did
Zuckerman: No, you went to prison because you got caught.
Elliot Stabler: Let me tell you about that therapist, those guys got him wrapped around their finger, he's an idiot.
Dr. George Huang: Well, I checked with the idiot and he's administering a diagnostic test before the session tonight.

(On loaning "Mack" the money for a van)

Elliot McEvoy: You're just gonna trust me to pay you back, huh?
Ray Schenkel: It's not like you're gonna rip me off. (grins) I know where you live.

Ray Schenkel: Get the van. We'll have a good time with it.
Elliot McEvoy: You're not a fag, are you?
Ray Schenkel: (grins) No. I thought we could use it to pick up girls.


Ray Schenkel: You in?
Elliot McEvoy: Oh yeah.

Mack, rage and lust are hungry beasts inside of us. The more we feed them, the stronger they get. Stop fighting things you can't change.


Elliot McEvoy: Fall off the wagon?
Ray Schenkel: It's time for you and me to have some fun.

Ray Schenkel: Put her down
Elliot McEvoy: (drops the victim on the mattress) What now?
Ray Schenkel: You go first.


Elliot McEvoy: Well, I mean, you found her.
Ray Schenkel: I wanna watch.

You think it's over just 'cause the girl's gone? It's not over! We're just getting started.

–Ray Schenkel, before knocking Elliot Stabler out

I've always been a great judge of character. So I've been sitting here wondering how I could have been so wrong about you. (pause) Maybe I wasn't. Some of what you said was a load of crap, but not all of it. I can see it. You and me... we're brothers under the skin.

–Ray Schenkel

Background information and notes[]

  • This episode was filmed during season 6, but was held for airing until season 7.
  • Starting with this season, Tamara Tunie (M.E. Warner) is the first medical examiner in the Law & Order franchise to appear in the opening credits, though she does not actually appear in this episode.
  • Elliot's cover story about working at his sister's husband's body shop is taken from the season 3 episode, "Justice".
  • In the beginning of the episode, there is a sign that says Elmira Correctional Facility, but the facility used is not the actual prison at Elmira.
  • On the NBC website, the summary for Demons states that another man is responsible for the rape of Kelly Browning.

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Halfway House
124 Rivington Street
Monday, September 12

Division of Parole
54 East 30th Street
Monday, September 12

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