Dena Carter
Dena Carter
Name Dena Carter
Affiliation New York State Senate
Occupation Former attorney
Former politician
Former prosecutor
Pathology Proxy murderer
Status Indicted
Actor Catherine Dent
First Appearance "Deadlock"
Dena Carter was a defense attorney and former prosecutor who was a candidate for the New York State Senate.


Carter's candidacy for the State Senate was plagued with scandals, and she suffered from low poll numbers.

She took on the case of Robert Purcell, the accused killer of Leon Vorgitch, who killed his daughter and four others in a school shooting. She attempted to use his case as a platform to advance her campaign by appealing to the public's desire to reinstate the death penalty in New York, but ultimately failed.

It was discovered, though, that she had informed Robert of the exact time when Leon would be led out of the courthouse. This resulted in her indictment. (L&O: "Deadlock")

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