L&O, Episode 8.02
Production number: K2504
First aired: 8 October 1997
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Teleplay By
David Shore

Story By
David Shore & René Balcer

Directed By
Christopher Misiano


Bloodstains in a hotel room lead to a case involving two students and a missing baby who they insist was stillborn.


Main cast

Guest cast



Rey Curtis: Christina Talbert, Thomas Horton, you're under arrest for murder.
Lennie Briscoe: Don't worry, somebody will take notes for you.

Only stupid girls get pregnant. It's embarrassing.

–Christina Talbert

She's a narcissistic bitch. Forget about remorse. To her, that baby was like a peach pit passing through her system.

–Dr. Emil Skoda

Mr. Talbert, I'm having you arrested pending a contempt hearing. I've had with him, his daughter, and her boyfriend. If I could indict him as a co-conspirator, I would. This baby is dead. I hope they all go to jail for it. Place this man under arrest and get him out of my office.

–Jack McCoy arrests Warren Talbert for contempt

Jamie Ross: A baby's dead and no one's responsible.
Adam Schiff: No one was responsible when it was alive, either

Background information and notes

  • This episode was referenced in the episode Cherished.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Talbert Design & Assocs.
3 Columbus Circle
Friday, May 9

Hudson University
Student Newspaper
Monday, May 12

Hudson University
Alpha Phi Beta House
Monday, May 12

4 5 6

Chambers Of
Judge Nathan Murray
Friday, May 16

Hudson University
Cromwell Hall
Thursday, May 22

Chambers Of
Judge Margaret Barry
Monday, June 9

7 8 9

Law Offices Of
Charles Garnett
Thursday, June 19

Supreme Court
Trial Part 34
Monday, September 8

Supreme Court
Trial Part 34
Wednesday, September 24

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