Denise Eldridge
Name Denise Eldridge
Pathology Child abuser
Family Carrie Lynn Eldridge (daughter)
Status Deceased
Actor Cathy Moriarty
First Appearance "Intoxicated"

Denise Eldridge is the mother of Carrie Lynn Eldridge.


Denise was an alcoholic who physically and verbally abused Carrie. She also disapproved of Carrie's 21-year-old boyfriend, Justin Sharp. One day, she caught Carrie and Justin having sex in Carrie's bed. In a rage, she kicked Justin out into the cold weather without his clothes and called the police to report Carrie had been raped.

Detective Benson sympathized with Carrie's domestic situation and called an attorney for Carrie, which angered Denise and caused her to fly into a rage when Justin wasn't charged. That night, Denise got drunk again and abused Carrie. Snapping, Carrie murdered Denise and fled with Justin, leaving her body in the apartment to be discovered by Benson and Detective Stabler. (SVU: "Intoxicated")

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