Dennis Griscomb
Name Dennis Griscomb
Affiliation NY3 Station
New York Ledger (former)
Occupation News Anchor
Investigative journalist (former)
Family Unnamed son
Status Alive
Actor Gavin Lee
First Appearance "Lost Traveler"
Last Appearance "Street Revenge"

Dennis Griscomb is a British investigative journalist employed by the New York Ledger.


After a boy named Nico Grey goes missing, Griscomb hacks into Nico's cellphone to get an exclusive on where he is. He also uses this access to delete messages on the boy's phone. SVU eventually figures out someone hacked into Nico's phone and bust his door down thinking he has Nico. He is arrested even after it is shown that he does not have Nico. His lawyer Marvin Exley manages to work out a deal where he does no time provided that he starts cooperating and they promise not to turn him over to the Feds for wiretapping. Griscomb then tells A.D.A. Cabot that the deleted messages were from concerned parents and reveals a new suspect. Griscomb reveals that, in addition to Nico, he hacked into various cell phones around the area and a woman is worried her son Mark took the boy. (SVU: "Lost Traveler")

He later gets a job at the NY3 news station, and is seen trying to get a comment from Benson on whether the West SoHo Rapist has raped another woman and if they have any leads. He attempts to portray the NYPD as incompetent in their search for this rapist. When a copycat rapist attempts to rape another woman named Claire Grant, Griscomb is reporting the attack and how a vigilante saved her. When SVU makes an arrest in the copycat rape, he gets a three-page letter from the West SoHo Rapist in the mail. Griscomb goes on the air with the letter and that it contains a message from him and details about his crimes. Munch sends in a request for the letter, but Griscomb just uses a long legal argument to say no. When the copycat is beaten into unconsciousness by a vigilante group known as the "Justice League of New York", Griscomb broadcasts footage of the attack on the air. He later covers another beating by the group targeting Henry Brazecki, a suspect in the rapes. Griscomb asks for a comment from Amaro, but he turns it around by accusing Griscomb of withholding evidence. (SVU: "Street Revenge")


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