UK, Episode 7.06
Production number:
First aired: 18 August 2013
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Written By
Jane Hudson

Directed By
Joss Agnew


Richard Peters is found bludgeoned to death outside his flat, Leo, the baby he adopted with his partner Gareth Wilks is missing. Ruth Pendle, Leo's mother and a former drug addict, is seen on CCTV leaving the murder scene with a man who proves to be Neil Jenkins, the baby's father - at whose home Leo is found. Jenkins admits to pushing Richard though he and Ruth both deny murder and the police charge them jointly. They have separate barristers, each accusing the other, but Kate believes Ruth should not be prosecuted and gets into trouble with Jake for colluding with Ruth's barrister Lydia Smythson by providing information to help her. Ronnie discovers that Kate's bias is due to her missing sister Beth's situation, similar to Ruth's. Ultimately Kate lets her head rule her heart in identifying the real killer, after which Ronnie has good news for her regarding her sister.


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