"Depravity Standard"
SVU, Episode 17.09
Production number: 17009
First aired: 18 November 2015
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Martha Mitchell


Lt. Benson seeks justice in the trial of child abductor Lewis Hodda, but when a plea deal is rejected, Barba must rely on decades-old evidence to make his case and faces off against former SVU colleague Dr. Huang.


After Lewis Hodda rejects a plea bargain in his murder trial for the death of 7-year-old Hector Rodriguez, he accuses Benson of coercing his confession. Even though Barba wants to go to trial with the kidnapping of Wyatt Morris (back in 2012), Wyatt's parents refuse to make their son testify.

To the shock of SVU, Hodda's defense lawyer brings in Dr. George Huang to testify for the defense. The case gets complicated when Stephen Lomatin (who helped the SVU detectives find Hector's body back in 2012) interferes with the investigation.

When Hodda is asked if he murdered Hector, he doesn't answer. In the end, the jury is deadlocked and the judge ends up declaring a mistrial. Then, Wyatt's parents decide to step up and testify against Hodda.

Meanwhile, Rollins is taken to the hospital where she goes into labor and towards the end of the episode, her condition takes a turn for the worse when she begins bleeding and the baby's heart rate goes down.


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Barba: Lewis Hodda may walk if Hastler can make it look like your emotions are getting in the way of your police work which is what they're doing right now.
Olivia (about Lewis Hodda): He confessed because he did it!
Dr. Huang: I'm sorry, but I don't know that. And neither do you.
Mrs. Rodriguez: I waited a long time. I had hope. Then they dug up that basement. Detective Benson showed me that picture. Hector's backpack.
Rollins: I'm tired and I hurt like hell and it's too late for an epidural.

Background information and Notes

This episode continues the plot from the season 14 episode, Manhattan Vigil.

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Supreme Court
Friday, November 13

Supreme Court
Part 27
Monday, November 16

Supreme Court
Part 27
Tuesday, November 17

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Jury Deliberations
Thursday, November 19

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Jury Deliberations
Sunday, November 22

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Jury Deliberations
Monday, November 23

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"Depravity Standard"
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